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Stories Of Pets By Pets For Pets

Stories Of Pets By Pets For Pets

BOOK: Linda authored the book and published it with Archway, the print-on-demand division of Simon and Shuster. She also created the cover art and photo-art of the pets featured in the book. The book was released in March 2020 and is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Archway, as well as bookstores around the world.

AUDIOBOOK:: We co-produced the audiobook version of her book "Stories of Pets by Pets for Pets". This included "voice acting", audio development with dialog, music and sound effects, thus deserving the term audioplay. The finished project comprised 24 audio files that were uploaded to the distributor ACX for final packaging. The audiobook is available on Amazon, iTunes and Audible.


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About "The Humor Group"

Only For People Who Like Humor

If you are afraid that humor is harmful or in danger of upsetting deeply held beliefs, don't come here. What's presented here is tasteful, good clean humor but perhaps edgy with a little "color", that makes fun of what is going on out there.

Anything is a target because humor is everywhere. Mostly vidoes and images will be presented because who likes to read anymore. And often musical background will enhance the humor. Enjoy and share freely with family and friends, wherever the are, by communicating to them the address of this site,

Do you have some content you'd think fits right in here? Please let me know! I can give you credit, or keep you annonymous, as you wish.

"The Humor Group" Listing

(17) October 29, 2023: Buddy Hacket and his Duck Story on Jonny Carson. Carson is my all-time favorite late-night show.

(16) November 24, 2022: The Great Flydini. Watch to the end.(It's hard to get away from Johnny Carson, he presents such great acts.)

(15) November 15, 2022: The Best Of Jim Gaffigan. Never head of him, happened accross this, and said, "Oh yea, gotta put him in The Humor Group?. You will agree.

(14) November 2, 2022: Steve Martin on Johnny Carson

(13) September 10, 2022: Shoveling White Stuff

(12) April 28, 2022: Logic

(11) April 5, 2022: What's Your Dog's Name?

Contributed by Judi M. of Broomfield Colorado

(10) Mar 31, 2022: Rod Hull and Emu on Johnny Carson

(9) Feb 6, 2022: George W Bush Stand-Up Comedy (Really Funny!)

(8) Feb 1, 2022: A collection of early Saturday Night Live skits by the original cast: John Belushi, Gilda Radner, Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, more... You will be able to wander around beyond these clips. You will encounter ads between the clips, but look the other way, the wait will be worth it. Sorry, was not able to show these clips here.
Click Here to Open the Collection

(7) Nov 6, 2021: Nail Clipping

(6) Oct 25, 2021: Roseanna Roseannadanna On Smoking (SNL)

(5) Oct 19, 2021: Interactive TV

(4) Oct 13, 2021: "Heeeere's Johnny!", with Robin Williams and Jonathon Winters

(3) Oct 9, 2021: Pat Paulson for President

(2) Oct 7, 2021: I Am A Pilot

(1) Oct 2, 2021: The Future